Friday, July 29, 2016

Barrett Heritage Mission Statement 

This statement is to define the company’s purpose, vision, values, and goals.

 The purpose of the business is to build and maintain a successful business. We as owner/operators of the company strive towards the building of a successful company to succeed and pass to future generations. We as a business will also strive to build and surpass the past wealth providers expectations of building a financially fit corporation.

 Our vision of the business is to succeed our own expectations in purchases and returns on our Real Estate and Equity Investments. The vision of our business is to become a company with multiple projects being overseen by the current members of Brendan Lee, LLC and its prospective future generations.

 We believe our values of the company should be such that: we are an honest, reputable, and fair in business towards our employees and anyone employed by Brendan Lee, LLC. We also value our respect towards the way we conduct business with any other business with regards to our reputation. We will learn from our experiences and share them with future employed generations.

 The company’s goals are those stated above and those of the wealth providers of the business Brendan Lee, LLC. The goal is to be a self sufficient run company by its owners and its own financial funding. We also believe that we will pass our business to our future generation to continue to progress and build the companies volume and value. 


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